How It Works

This platform is created to ensure secure payment methods and safety for both studio and artist. Studios will be able to list their respective spaces while setting their desired price. Session Control will collect a 18% service fee on each transaction. Typical studio time is booked in 4 hour blocks at an average rate of $60 an hour.

  • 18%
  • Service Fee
  • 4H
  • Average Booking Time
  • $60
  • Average Hourly Rate

Recording Studios

From 2002 to 2021 the increase of musicians started around 40,000 employed musicians which in time increased 510%. Session control provides not only a platform for the artist but for studio owners as well to keep their microphones on and audio equalizers bouncing.


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Online Booking

Which devices are clients using to make appointments or book services?

  • 76%

  • 21%

  • 03%


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Our Goal

Our goal is to give artist the opportunity to connect with studios and create at their best while providing a platform where commercial and independent studios are booked to help create the next wave of musical magic.

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